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Who We Are

The word “homeless” easily creates a chasm of separation between “us” and “them”, dozens of stereotypes support this barrier.

Yet, just like every other person, each of the people who come through our door has a face, a name, a unique story, and issues that they struggle with.

The Samaritan Center has been changing and restoring lives since 1994.

How are we Different

The insecurities of living without a home and the situations that contribute to this can leave people feeling very alone and without hope.

We serve our community by helping its most vulnerable members not only receive basic-necessities like food and shelter but offer hope by providing programs that support them make life-changing steps to move out of their homelessness.

We don’t give them a “Hand-out” We give them a “Hand-up”

Who We Serve

We serve local residents of Simi Valley…

The woman and her children running away from the man that beats them

The mother of three who lost everything fighting cancer for 8 years who survived only to be living in her car with her children for 2 years

The Vet who suffered a traumatic brain injury who struggles now to keep a job and a roof over his head

And countless others whose stories have yet to be told…

How Can You Help?

The Samaritan Center is run almost exclusively on Community support and generosity. Your donations of time, money and housing (rooms for rent), allow us to continue our work, change lives, and alter the future of our most needy residents.


Your gifts of time, mentoring, or training is always welcomed and is vital to the success of the Center. Volunteer positions range from serving, cooking, food prep, doing laundry, food donation pick up and driving program individuals to appointments.


Your financial support allows us to provide for the most basic needs of the individuals and families we serve, including temporary housing, and medical care.  Families and children also have school needs that must be met to keep them from falling behind while homeless.


The gap between those in need of housing and affordable units is growing. If you are a landlord or have a room housing to rent, and would like more information on the housing program, please contact the Center at (805)579-9166

Donate Today!

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